Fact Sheets

  • More Than Numbers - 2023 Fact Sheet

    PWV continued to pursue its mission of assisting the Canyon Lakes Ranger District programs managing and protecting the wilderness and backcountry areas in 2023. In support of our core effort of patrolling trails and engaging the public, we contacted more than 10,200 trail users while completing over 1700 patrols.

    These contacts allow us the opportunity to support backcountry users with advice, information and education on Leave No Trace practices and for USFS regulations. We continued our efforts to maintain trails last year at a high level, removing over 1800 trees from trails and clearing brush and limbs from over 66,500 feet of trails.

    Furthermore, in 2023 restoration efforts focused on building bridges, constructing rock walls and steps, erosion control on the trails, installing grade dips and drains. PWV worked 7 days to improve drainage on our trails. We also worked 6 days with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy’s Youth Conservation Corps, building 2 bridges. This amounted to 1600 hours of trail work to restore the trails.

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