Why Your Donation Matters

PWV is a 100% volunteer organization so every dollar donated goes toward our work. Our work continues to repair trails damaged in the Cameron Peak Fire and due to these efforts all the trails are now back open!
In addition to trail restoration, we continue to patrol trails, train new members and assist the Forest Service with meeting, greeting and educating hikers, bikers and stock riders. To learn more about our accomplishments in 2023, click here. To see a list of media stories about the great work PWV is doing, click here.
Thanks for supporting PWV. See you out on the trails!
Please donate today to help PWV continue our mission to care for our Northern Colorado Trails. We are a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff. PWV is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations qualify as a tax deductible contribution.

Note: When making a donation, please explore whether your employer has a matching donations program.

Other ways to donate

Donor Testimonials

“The mission of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers resonates deeply with me. Providing permanent support, to assure this great organization's continued ability to protect our natural areas for future generations, is a worthy endeavor.”

“The mantra of every Poudre Wilderness Volunteer! Safety is of utmost importance-no matter what role you are in while volunteering. This tremendous group of outdoor enthusiasts love what we do. And because we love what we do, we continue to nourish our souls and trails by our actions and thoughts with PWV. It has gotten me in touch (literally!) with our great big back yard of trails, along with the opportunity to work with a truly wonderful group of volunteers.”

“We give to the Endowment Fund to honor the vision of our founders, who created an enduring organization with a lasting vision. Their effort deserves a source of funding that will honor them and encourage others over the years ahead.”

PWV Operating Fund

The operating fund of the annual budget relates to providing training, materials, tools, safety and other supplies and supporting services for patrolling, maintaining, and restoring the hiking trails and camping areas and educating the public on the use of trails in the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest area and Pawnee National Grassland.

Donations noted below are cumulative gifts received from individuals and organizations:

Trail Builders Wall – Update at 1/21/2024 for year end 2023
Summit Partners - $10,000 +

ABC Denver
Fred Allen
David Bye
The Clinton Family Foundation
King Soopers / Kroger
Odell Brewing Company

Montgomery Pass - $5,000 to $9,999

Bohemian Foundation
Colorado Association of Trail Stewards

Blue Lake - $1,000 - $4,999

Tom Adams
Gerald Bergh
Bernard Birnbaum and Rachel Feldman
Janet Caille
Chapel in the Pines
Colorado Gives Community First
Jeanne and Mike Corbin
Elizabeth Dennis
Bredt and Jenny Eggleston
Exxon/Mobil Foundation
Frances Feinerman and Carl Kronberg
Foothills Unitarian Church
Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning
Michelle and Ben Girdler
Andy Goris
Green Events
Philip Hendricks
Dayle Hosek
Thomas and Kathleen Karol
Stephen Martin
McKetta Charitable Foundation
James Michalaka
Cathy and Tom Morgan
Randolph Myers
National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
William Paschal
Pour Brothers
Red Truck Beer Company
Jeremy Rugenstein
Dan Schultejann
Smiling Wolf Foundation
Larry and Vicki Stroud
Ian Struggles
John Thomas
Ann and Simon Turner
Chris Turner
George and Nancy Wallace
Bruce William

North Fork - $500 - $999

Charles Bell
Bill Betz
Browns Shoe Fit
Frank Cada
Kevin Cannon
Candice Carter
Rhys Christensen
Jennifer and Tom Collins
Colorado Conservation Exchange Fund
Jeff Dean
Richard Dietz
Lisha Doucet
Robert Drage
William Ebeling
Jerry Esch
William and Cindy Gedge
Jerry Hanley
Judson and Ann Haverkamp
Judy and Dan Jacks
Jodi and Doug Jalving
Susan James
JAX Mercantile Co.
Sarah and Jeff Johnson
Mogens Knudsen
Janis Lievens
Jane and Steve Martin
Mark McFann
James and Patricia Medlock
Alan Meyer and Kathy Ayer
Bob Meyer
Stephen Musial
Network for Good
Sean and Robert Orner
Jeff and Nancy Randa
Margaret and Jim Shaklee
Sandy and Kirk Sticken
Bridget Straub
Carlota Striffler
Texas Instruments
Ronald Vonder Heide
Jim Tomlin and Cynthia Walczak
Celia Walker

West Branch - $250 - $499

Karen Artell
William Blachard
Stephen Bodaness
Nancy and Jim Casadevall
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Pattie Cowell and Sherry Pomering
Laura Davis
Max Deitchler
Michelle Edwards
Rasmus Erdal
Donald Gibbs
James and Jean Greuel
Andrew Hackett
Gary and Mary Halcomb
Robert Hansen
James Haverkamp
Jesse Heaton
Edward Hildenbrand
Lynda and Bernd Hoffmann
Scott James
James Johnson
Laurie and Kurt Johnson
Rebecca and Gary Keigan
Mitchel and Kelly Little
Wade Little
Michael and Tracy Lukk
Daniel MacKinnon
Gordon McClintock
Kathy Miczulski
Jennie Miller
Thomas Moore
David Moorehead
Richard Nelson
New Belgium Brewing Company
Rebecca Niemiec
Keith Noel
Mandy and Arch Peregoff
Fred and Kathryn Petersen
Randy and Martha Ratliff
Linda Reiter and Dan Podell
Paula and Steve Reynolds
Jacques Rieux
Barb Rodekohr
Rachel Rogers
Raymond Rosenberry
Joe and Karen Rowan
Michael Smilie
Gary Spivak
Lorann Stallones
Kelly Stromer
Heather Szalmasagi
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Greg Tjossem
Susan Tree
John Visser
Ronald Vonder Heide
Marilyn Warrick
Marion and Richard Wells
Jennifer Woelk

PWV Endowment Fund

By making an unrestricted gift to the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Endowment Fund, you can help preserve the legacy of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, providing a reliable financial structure for the organization to enable it to continue to recruit, train and outfit those dedicated volunteers for years to come. Endowment Fund Details

In 2010, PWV Co-Founder Chuck Bell was awarded the National Points of Light Volunteer Leader Award from the University of Phoenix and the HandsOn Network and designated Poudre Wilderness Volunteers as the recipient of the generous $10,000 award. The Board of Directors voted to use this award as seed money for the creation of an unrestricted Endowment Fund. Welcoming this decision, Chuck said, “PWV has matured into a very solid organization that will be around for years to come. It deserves the financial stability an endowment can provide.”

Also interested in making Poudre Wilderness Volunteers part of your legacy? Consider an estate gift by naming Poudre Wilderness Volunteers as a beneficiary under your will, trust, life insurance or retirement plan. For more information, contact Poudre Wilderness Volunteers at Donations or your estate attorney.

If you wish, your Endowment Fund donation will also be added to our "Wilderness Wall".

Wilderness Wall
Canyon Lake Level –$5,000+

Chuck and Nancy Bell
Jerry and Sunny Hanley

Rawah Level - $1,000 to $4,999

Fred and Pam Allen
David Bye
Judy and Rhys Christensen
Michelle and Ben Girdler
Dayle Hosek
Kathy and Chester James
Alan Meyer and Kathy Ayer
Jacques Rieux
Margaret and Jim Shaklee
Vicki & Larry Stroud
Cheryl VanAckern

Comanche Peak Level - $500 to $999

John Benshoof and Deb Cheuvront
Verna Bodig
Jeanne & Mike Corbin
Janis and Dan Creager
Dennis Oviatt Poker Buddies
Gary and Mary Halcomb
Thomas Karol
Iona Manuel Memorial / Robert Manuel
Anne and Ben Manvel
Martha Shepard
Daryl Smith
Celia Walker

Cache La Poudre Level - $250 to $499

Janet Caille
Tom Dougherty
Rasmus Erdal
Rosellen and David Lobree
Mari and John Murphy
Garin VanDeMark
Ken and Kristi Williams
Brian Zick