• Bridge Building Roaring Creek

    See how three groups came together to build a bridge in the roaring creek trail. The Roaring Creek Trail is expected to open on 10/28! Roaring Creek was one of the most heavily damaged trails from the Cameron Peak Fire in 2020, and we have put 3 years of hard work into stabilizing sections susceptible to damage from post-fire flood events and rerouting major unsustainable portions of the trail. The completion of this project means that 100% of the trails on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District are open to the public! Although we still have plenty of work to do, particularly on the upper 3 miles, the Roaring Creek Trail is in a state that is safe and accessible to the public. The Overland Mountain Bike Association, Larimer County Youth Conservation Corps, and Rocky Mountain Conservancy Conservation Corps all played a huge role constructing the reroutes and stabilizing the trail. Special thanks to Poudre Wilderness Volunteers for doing an incredible job deconstructing and reconstructing the bridge! Matt Cowan - Canyon Lakes Ranger District United States Forest Service

  • Bridge Building Little Beaver Creek

    See how a teen crew helped PWV build two bridges on Little Beaver Creek trail. Two bridges were recently completed over the Little Beaver Creek in the Roosevelt National Forest. This joint effort between the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers and the Rocky Mountain Conservancy teen crew now make it much easier for hikers to enjoy the trail. The RMC teens learned the art of bridge building, and their young backs and enthusiasm were a great lift for the PWV volunteers.  Enjoy the images and video below of their hard work. Jeff R. Board - PWV

  • PWV Emmy Award Recognition

    CBS KCNC-TV Denver reporter Dillon Thomas produced and hosted a documentary entitled Scarred: Lessons Learned from The Cameron Peak Fire, which included a PWV story, and was nominated for two Regional 2022 Emmy® Awards. EmmyBThe documentary and the PWV story were each awarded an Emmy! While Dillon and the rest of us are humbled by this recognition, he mentioned that the independent judges were impacted by the meaningful content and range of stories presented in the documentary.
    EmmyDAt the PWV Mid-Summer Event on July 27, 2022, we had the privilege of Dillon attending the event, sharing stories about the Emmy awards, joining us for group photos while holding the actual trophies and sharing comments around the valuable contributions made by our group of volunteers. He was also able to discuss with Matt Cowan, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager, Canyon Lakes Ranger District, the current progress of trail repair and erosion protection and what to expect the next several years. Dillon summarized it well at the end of the evening, “people need to understand that this is not a quick fix. We have years of effort ahead of us and the work that PWV is doing is essential to helping repair the trails, as well as assisting folks out in the wilderness.”

    To view the 3-minute PWV video click HERE. To view the entire 30-minute documentary click HERE.


  • Fire & Recovery

    Between August 13-December 2, 2020, the Cameron Peak Fire burned over 208,000 acres in the Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests. It was the largest fire in Colorado history, and impacted 122 trails, 350 miles of roads, and one campground (Jack’s Gulch) in the areas we patrol. In this presentation, Matt Cowan, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager for the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, reviews the history of wildfires in the U.S., their impacts, and current recovery strategies, with special emphasis on Cameron Peak Fire areas. You will learn about the ecology of wildfires and how the USFS is managing them. This is a Zoom presentation for PWV members recorded on June 21, 2022.

  • PWV Media Recognition

    CBS KCNC-TV Denver recently aired a documentary entitled Scarred: Lessons Learned from The Cameron Peak Fire. It included several mediaRecog1vignettes, one of which was about the work PWV is doing. As part of promoting the documentary, they individually aired the vignettes prior to the actual show. In developing the PWV story, CBS used several video clips produced by our Photo/Video team and the producers were very complimentary of the content and video quality we provided.

    mediaRecog2Recently, the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced their nominees for their 2022 Emmy® Awards. PWV is involved in two nominations, within this Regional group.

    CBS individually submitted each of the vignettes and PWV was nominated for an Emmy! You can find the vignette for PWV here.

    In addition,CBS also was nominated for the entire 30-minute Scarred CBS documentary that you can find here. The awards ceremony is July 17.