21007724825 c4fb7a8538 kMore patrols in our wilderness areas, stronger connections in the PWV community, backpacking with experienced mentors — Wild51 had ambitious goals — and succeeded! “Wild51” refers to the 51st year of the Wilderness Act, which has protected our wilderness heritage in perpetuity. From August 6-18, we celebrated with patrols all across the Comanche Peak Wilderness and the Rawah Wilderness.

The Wild51 planners are still working on the numbers, but both Comanche Peak and Rawah had many more patrols than usual during those times. Lots of us got involved, patrolled together, welcomed new backcountry PWVs, built skills, and had a terrific time!

We’ll post details here once the analysis is done. And if you missed out this year, planning is already underway for Wild52.

Wild51 Committee: Ali, Gerry & Dave

StockEval1On May 2, the annual PWV Stock Evaluation was held at Lory State Park. Potential new stock patrol members took to the course to show their ability to handle situations they may encounter while on patrol.

Fifteen current PWV stock volunteers role played and rated new PWV Stock Patrol applicants on their decisions of how to handle the encounters and situations. The main issue was safety of rider, horse and other trail users. This event takes place before Spring Training so there is no expectation for new recruits to know radio protocols or how to interact with the scenarios. New recruits learned what areas, if any, they need to work on to have their horse be patrol-ready.

Read more: 2015 Stock Evaluation

“This is a nice forest! If I were an animal, I’d love this forest!”

KIN2PWV Kids in Nature is gearing up for a busy season, with at least 15 hikes scheduled. We expect to lead 140-175 kids on hikes from at least 5 different agencies and groups. New this year, two of our hikes will serve pre-teens and young teens. We will continue to utilize our aquatic macro-invertebrates and trees curricula and will add one on mammals, emphasizing the detective play of finding tracks and signs. We are pleased to have staff from City of Fort Collins Utilities Education Department teaming with us again as they provide clean water and aquatic macro-invertebrate instruction on some of our hikes! And we are planning some map and compass games with the older kids.KIN1

Most of the kids we serve on Kids in Nature hikes have never been in the mountains before nor on a trail anywhere. The hikes open their eyes to a world they’ve never seen before and every kid wants to go hiking again! We hope we are developing stewards of wilderness for the future.

For more information contact Jeanne Corbin - Chair, Kids in Nature Committee 


Each year, PWV recruits up to 70 new members. While these new recruits prepare for Kick-Off Night and Spring Training events, our seasoned mentors are preparing for their upcoming mentoring patrols.

Who are these PWV mentors and what do they do?

Read more: Meet the 2015 PWV Mentor Team

Mountain Biker CrashWhat would you do if you found a disoriented hiker suffering from a diabetic shock, or an injured mountain biker lying semi-conscious on the ground, or an alpine skier with a broken leg from a ten foot fall?

These were some of the mock scenarios where 15 PWV rangers spent the weekend in a two-day Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training class taught by Bear Spirit Outdoor Medical Training Center at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

Read more: Wilderness First Aid: What Every Wilderness Ranger Should Know

BlueLake3Because PWV’s primary function is patrolling trails, the PWV Board established the Trail Patrolling Committee. The winter patrol functions and trail hosting will be absorbed by this new committee, as well as the general overseeing of all trail patrols.

We want to improve the quality of our trail reports and our knowledge of the USFS and PWV policies. We also want to encourage folks to patrol both the trails that most require patrolling and on the days that the most visitors are in the Forest. This way our patrols will be more effective.

Read more: New PWV Trail Patrolling Committee

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