2011 was another banner year for Poudre Wilderness Volunteers and its members. Congratulations and thanks to all members who contributed their time, skills, and energy!

During the past year, PWV contributed 23,733 volunteer hours worth $506,930 to the USFS-CLRD.

Trail Patrols - By the Numbers

908 trail patrols done    
13,386 trail users encountered and 8,387 contacted (62.7%)
580 violations reported
229 fire rings removed
60 fire rings rehabilitated
449 trees cleared off trails
702 pounds of garbage carried out
A total of 167 members contributed 6 or more patrol days (57.6% of the 290 members filing Volunteer Agreements).  This included 38 new members who contributed 6 or more patrol days (64.4% of the 2011 year class).

Major Organizational Accomplishments in the Past Year Included:

  • Creation of a 2010 PWV Annual Report (PWV’s first ever annual report)
  • Development of a PWV Organization, Policies, and Procedures Handbook
  • Identification of trail patrolling priorities and recommendations to help PWV achieve its mission of helping the Canyon Lakes Ranger District manage and protect wilderness and backcountry areas via public education, data collection, and stewardship actions and to increase PWV members’ effectiveness
  • Identification and Description of a series of draft PWV Goals and Objectives to guide future activities and facilitate program evaluations

Long-Time PWV Member Recognized by Community

One of PWV’s founding members, Garin VanDeMark, was recognized for his contributions over the past 16 years as a PWV volunteer by the Larimer County United Way with its Senior Volunteer Excellence Award for 2011.  Congratulations, Garin!

Four of PWV’s Most Successful Committees and Field Programs in 2011

The Adopt-a-Trail program had 17 workdays during which 29 PWVs + 2 guests contributed a total of 882 volunteer hours.  They replaced a deteriorating wooden puncheon with a new rock/gravel turnpike; re-decked or maintained several bridges; and installed many signs.
The Kids in Nature program served 28 kids from three sources (La Familia added in 2011) on a total of 5 hikes; 17 PWVs participated.
Supplemental Training:  Developed and implemented the most ambitious and robust training program since at least 2006.  Training sessions included:  First Aid & CPR re-certification (13 PWVs participated); First Aid & CPR certification (11 PWVs) Backpacking (5 separate topic sessions); Map & Compass, classroom session (31 PWVs) Map & Compass, SPOT, & Radio field training; GPS classroom session (31 PWVs); GPS Field Training; Introduction to Wilderness Survival; Lightning Awareness; and First Aid Essentials.
Weed Crew:  24 different PWVs contributed a total of 1,271 hours on 43 weed pulls to control 10 different weed species on approximately 300 acres in 2011.  This committee also provided 5 weed species ID and treatment training for 59 new recruits and 22 weed species training for 22 PWVs and 7 agency staff.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to try out one or more of PWV’s specialized field programs or other committees in the coming year.  Each represents a different way you can protect the backcountry, give back to the community, and/or support and enhance PWV.

Thanks for all you have done for the resource and for PWV in 2011.  I hope to see you back on the trails again as a PWV in 2012.

Jim Shaklee
(Most Recent Past PWV Chair)